The Plan for Exhibition

Exhibition Mock Up

The goal is to playfully engage the audience with touch panels that trigger quick animated videos to prompt curiosity. Once engaged in the topic, the wall posters will provide more detail on the research done. The following is an overview of the process which led to a showable prototype; Visual development, a system map, an interface, animations and wall posters. The goal of the prototype creation is to make this research assessable and ingestible. 

The above image is the table top showing the planned positioning of printed decals, final touch interface and location of video projections.

Development for Exhibition

Iteration #1

Enabling touch activation to trigger projection

Iteration #2

Considering video and interface design

Iteration #3

Re-designing system map and testing projection capabilities and limitations.

Iteration #4

Re-thinking video based on interaction 

Iteration #5

Scaling up the interface for a custom fit at TMAC

Iteration #6

Testing large scale version

Iteration #7

Working on the final physical interface for show

Early March 2020, Ontario implements social distancing to combat the threat of Covid-19 and closes schools until further notice. The planned thesis exhibition was moved from TMAC to an online show. This prototype was remodelled to fit in an online situation. 

Plan B

Conversion from a physical exhibition to an online show. This website was created to demo the interaction that would have took place at a live event. Touching a physical interfaces was changed to clicking a digital version through a demo website. 

Process Video

Using Format