Ecosystem of Information Disorder

Defining Information and Information Disorder

Before and analysis of misinformation can be established, a definition of information, as it is used in this document, should be clarified. Stahl provides a useful perspective of information through the lens of communication media, viewing information as if it is a function. This research also utilizes Wardle and Derakhshan's assessments of information disorder. 

Branches of Information Disorder

Wardle and Derakhshan have done extensive research on information disorder which is represented to the right. There is one addition to their research, the separation of misperceptions as a subcategory of misinformation. 

The list above are the driving forces (identified in their research) behind false beliefs and false information which circulate through communication media.

A System Map of 

Communication Media

Understanding the Map

The system map will consist of four tiers. The first tier will represent why humans share and inform each other. The second tier will outline the categories of information/content to better understand why each item flows through select channels. The third tier uses Innis’s (1951) work to highlight the many valves of control that influence the dissemination of information/content. The fourth tier represents what comes out of each valve and how the information/content is circulated after released.

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